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May 28th - June

May 29th - Grocery shopping.

May 31st - Tried to make chicken salad & it turned out pretty good.

June 1st - Mad libs type story Tommy did.

June 2nd - Ice cream before bed.

June 4th - Pancakes for dinner.

June 5th - Tommy got his award for Respect at school.


May 22-27

May 22nd - Tommy playing Webkinz.

May 23rd - Anthony's new 'do.

May 24th - This is what a lazy weekend results in.

May 25th - Reading time.

May 26th - Amazing! Someone helped me make dinner!

May 27th - Alex let me give him his first mommy cut. It's horrible, not straight, and embarrassing - but at least he's not as shaggy as he once was. Maybe the next time we go out for haircuts he'll sit for one.


May 18-21

I don't know where my picture for the 17th went! I know I took one, I'm going to hunt it down in a bit. lol

May 18th - The boys school had a Family Night at a restaurant here in town and at Yogurt Island, so we hopped in the car after dinner & took the boys to get some yogurt. Or as Alex refers to it as "ice cream island".

May 19th - Anthony playing in the sand while waiting for Tommy to have his soccer evaluation, which never happened.

May 20th - 9 year anniversary. Hubby appeased me by letting me take some odd photos. lol

May 21st - Tried out my new fitness game for the Wii. Hoping it wasn't a waste of money.


May 11-16

May 11th - Got to thinking about how we've been changing diapers for 8 years now. I'm ready to be free of diapers.

May 12th - Anthony doing his homework.

May 13th - Feet!

May 14th - Game 7, Wings vs Ducks - Wings win!!!

May 15th - Starbucks thief.

May 16th - Never any nice smiles, always a goofy face.


May 1-10

Ok, image heavy post here.

May 1

May 2nd

May 3rd

May 4th

May 5th

May 6th

May 7th

May 9th

May 10th


April 25-30

Ok, so no photo for the 25th. It was DH's birthday and I can't remember why I didn't get a picture. And on the 26th we laid on the couch all day recovering from a bit too much drinking the night before. lol

April 27th

April 28th

April 29


April 18-24

This is all that I have on my computer for right now. Which is amazing, because I usually don't go more than 3 or 4 days without downloading the pictures from my camera.

April 18 - Alex loves his pizza. This isn't a spectacular shot.

April 19 - Passed out on the couch.

April 21 - This week it was 100* two different days.

April 22 - A new recipe we tried. Chicken stuffed with feta & spinach. Yummy. Unfortunately this shot doesn't look very appetizing, but the shots of the chicken cooked didn't turn out :(

April 23 - Waiting for the boys to get out of school.

April 24 - Alex passed out in the couch with Rocky.


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